April 27, 2011

The Face Behind the Lipstick

I'm pretty good at Top Ten Lists.

Just ask my sister Megan.
When I was 16, our dad moved us to far-away-cold-land for a couple of years, Megan stayed in OK to finish her senior year. I would write her snail mail letters with countdowns to silly events. I wonder if she still has them.
So I was thinking you might want to know a little bit more about me other than my little make-up obsession. Or not. Oh well, you started reading this so you might as well read on!

Okay here we go.
10. I'm really scared of the dark, but I also really love paranormal stories. This creates a really big problem after I watch scary movies.

9. I was president of my sorority in college. It was such a glamorous position. Ok not really.

8. I use lines from Friends and The Office in everyday conversation.

7. Sleeping is one of my favorite pastimes. I only schedule appointments on Saturday mornings if all other options are out. I turn off my phone before I go to bed on Friday nights.

6. I vacuum every day. Probably because I have OCD. Or I like the lines in the carpet. I'm okay with either reason.

5. If I don't have GPS, I WILL get lost. I have the directional instincts of a two year old.

4. Country music is one of my "hobbies." I don't just listen to country music, I live country music. Did my IQ just drop a few points?

3. I lived in Houston for six years. Therefore, traffic has no effect on me.

2. I want to be a mommy. But I also get quite anxious/nervous/sweaty when I talk about the pregnancy and birth part. So anxious that sometimes I cry.

1. When I was little, I use to think L M N O P was one letter in the song.
That last one really is true and to this day it still makes me laugh.

And there ya go! Fun stuff huh?

So what is one thing that is completely normal to you but may be a little strange to some? Let's all share our weirdness with each other.

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