April 27, 2011

The Face Behind the Lipstick

I'm pretty good at Top Ten Lists.

Just ask my sister Megan.
When I was 16, our dad moved us to far-away-cold-land for a couple of years, Megan stayed in OK to finish her senior year. I would write her snail mail letters with countdowns to silly events. I wonder if she still has them.
So I was thinking you might want to know a little bit more about me other than my little make-up obsession. Or not. Oh well, you started reading this so you might as well read on!

Okay here we go.
10. I'm really scared of the dark, but I also really love paranormal stories. This creates a really big problem after I watch scary movies.

9. I was president of my sorority in college. It was such a glamorous position. Ok not really.

8. I use lines from Friends and The Office in everyday conversation.

7. Sleeping is one of my favorite pastimes. I only schedule appointments on Saturday mornings if all other options are out. I turn off my phone before I go to bed on Friday nights.

6. I vacuum every day. Probably because I have OCD. Or I like the lines in the carpet. I'm okay with either reason.

5. If I don't have GPS, I WILL get lost. I have the directional instincts of a two year old.

4. Country music is one of my "hobbies." I don't just listen to country music, I live country music. Did my IQ just drop a few points?

3. I lived in Houston for six years. Therefore, traffic has no effect on me.

2. I want to be a mommy. But I also get quite anxious/nervous/sweaty when I talk about the pregnancy and birth part. So anxious that sometimes I cry.

1. When I was little, I use to think L M N O P was one letter in the song.
That last one really is true and to this day it still makes me laugh.

And there ya go! Fun stuff huh?

So what is one thing that is completely normal to you but may be a little strange to some? Let's all share our weirdness with each other.

Finally!! Winner for the Lush Big Giveaway!!

Okay, so I got some 'splainin to do.....well you see my internet broke for several days.....

Actually, that's all that happened. It was torture to go five days without internet at home. TORTURE.

But, we have a winner for the Lush giveaway!
Drum roll please...................

Congratulations Kara Fleck!!!

You won a full sized jar of Big Shampoo!

Thanks to all who commented, shared on Facebook and started following me!
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April 12, 2011

What's the Big Deal?...Giveaway!!!

I love things that smell good.

Like detergent.

And babies.

Ooo hand soap.

Oh yeah Pure Integrity


But I really REALLY love this shampoo that I discovered through my red-headed bestie from college.

It's called Big and it's made by Lush.

It is delightful. It smells like sea salt, lemons and limes. That's probably because those are the main ingredients. Good job, teacher.

It looks a little bit like cottage cheese but it feels like a spa day for your hair when you use it.

No, I'm serious. You might not think that a shampoo can really change your hair in a good way, but it can. I usually grab a dollop about the size of a quarter and suds it up on wet hair.
(Tip: Your hair has to be really wet to get the bubble action going on, so add a little water while lathering)

My hair is shining like the top of the Chrysler building after I use this stuff. For real yo.

Natural Friends: I know there is a continuing debate on the sulfate issue. Bad bad sulfates....Well, I did a little investigating the last time I was in Lush and the sweet young lady told me this:
Some Lush products are made with Sodium Laureth Sulfate. The Laureth is less harsh than the lauryl because it is made from coconut oil.
So here's my question for you: Are they different? Do they produce the same affects? What information have you found on SLS? Do share.

Giveaway Time!!!!

Wanna win some Big? Here's how to enter:

*** Leave a comment and share your favorite hair stuff - could be shampoo, deep treatment, any faves ... ***

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Comments will close at 11:59 PM on Monday April 18th. Winner will be announced Tuesday.

Goooooood Luuuuuck!!!!!!!!!

April 5, 2011

My new pretend boyfriend...

Disclaimer: The following post has nothing to do with beauty. Well, actually it has some beauty in it. That is, if you think this guy is beautiful.

How can you not love this face?

Seriously, ladies. Weak in the knees.

I bet he uses Kiehl's moisturizer. All of those celebrities love that stuff.

This pose was for me. I told him I'm not ready to go public yet.

Obsessed? Me? Ummmm....yeah. His songs. His moves. His beautiful skin. All of it.
If you live in Dallas and see some crazy girl on HWY 635 singing along in her car to some Usher song from 2003, it's probably me.

Do YOU know Usher's real name? No googling!

Carry on.

March 27, 2011

Have you seen my keys?

I admit I am somewhat unorganized.

Actually, I am very unorganized.

Maybe it's because I've been working 12 hour days, or maybe it's because I spend 16 hours a week in the car and now that it is the end of March it's
really starting to wear on me.

But I seem to lose something every day.
Keys. Wallet. Purse. Phone. Coffee mug...it's always something.

In fact, I lost my school keys for a good 36 hours last week. Found 'em by the laminator.

But one thing I am GREAT at is organizing my beauty goodies. A couple of months ago, I saw this cute little container and it was only $8.00. So I bought it. Score. Is it weird that it's in my living room? Is it also weird that I have a classroom-stool-turned-coffee-table? Yeah...probably.

But, you see, I like to do my make-up in the morning while I watch the morning news. I got the beans idea from the wonderful beauty stagers at my store. Cool, huh?

See that brown vase in the background? I made that. But at least I'm not conceited.

Top photo courtesy of Michelle.