March 27, 2011

Have you seen my keys?

I admit I am somewhat unorganized.

Actually, I am very unorganized.

Maybe it's because I've been working 12 hour days, or maybe it's because I spend 16 hours a week in the car and now that it is the end of March it's
really starting to wear on me.

But I seem to lose something every day.
Keys. Wallet. Purse. Phone. Coffee's always something.

In fact, I lost my school keys for a good 36 hours last week. Found 'em by the laminator.

But one thing I am GREAT at is organizing my beauty goodies. A couple of months ago, I saw this cute little container and it was only $8.00. So I bought it. Score. Is it weird that it's in my living room? Is it also weird that I have a classroom-stool-turned-coffee-table? Yeah...probably.

But, you see, I like to do my make-up in the morning while I watch the morning news. I got the beans idea from the wonderful beauty stagers at my store. Cool, huh?

See that brown vase in the background? I made that. But at least I'm not conceited.

Top photo courtesy of Michelle.


  1. So, do you put just the morning essentials in there? That would be a good post - what's your Morning Beauty Must-Have?

    I like the stool/coffee table and I LOVE the vase.