March 18, 2011

Multiple Choice, One question, Pass or Fail

Here I am, at the end of one of the best Spring Breaks ever, rocking in the most comfortable rocking chair, reminding myself that I have just a few days of freedom left. I'm already cooking up stuff in my mind for the last three months with the kiddos. But in the mean time, here's a beauty question for you:

How are lipstick and blush different?

A. Lipstick has oil in it.

B. Blush is made from berries.

C. The only difference is my beeswax, not yours.

D. None of the above.

Yes, it was kind of a trick question.

Ha ha. You failed. You're fired.

Just kidding. While you're thinking about why I am asking this question, take a looksie at these pics.

I know it's blurry. But look at my lips. Aren't they shiny and balmy?

I'm not vein or anything...

This one's better.....

This picture will forever be funny to me because I snapped it as I heard my dad say to the sonic order-taker, "I would like a Super Sonic Cheeseburger without the cheese." He did not mean to be funny. But I got a giggle.

Where was I?

Oh yes. The difference between lipstick and blush.

Well, while the base of lipstick is mostly beeswax to make it shape to the mold, there is very little difference at all. Can you tell that I used blush on my lips on these pictures?

The exact same pigmentation in blush is in lipstick.

Actually it was a very pink bronzer from my store, but same thing right?

Anyway, next time your powder blush breaks into pieces because you always leave your make-up open and it goes everywhere with you, Don't Throw It Away.

Instead, put it in a little jar or dish, add some petroleum jelly to it and mix it with a lip brush. Viola! You've got a brand new lip color!

Pretty cool huh?

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks from the crazy make-up lady!!

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