March 18, 2011

My Mascara Mission

Okay, so quick story. About a year ago, I decided to try a lot of mascaras and create this informative and creative guide for the best products out there for your lashes.

Seriously yall, I tried about 30 different mascaras.

I took pictures, used a whole bottle of make-up remover and typed it all up.

Then I read it.

And it was so boring.

Seriously. It was bad. Delete. Delete. Delete.

Who would want to read 18 pages (front and back) of all of my mascara reviews?
Why put my readers through that? It might put you to SLEEP.

So I'm just going to give you my top picks and tell ya why I like 'em.

But before that, here are some good general rules for choosing the best mascara:

1. Don't buy waterproof mascara unless you are going to a wedding or funeral. It's sticky and almost impossible to get off.

2. Day or night, go with two applications. Apply one coat. Do something for one minute. Apply a second coat.

3. Dab the tip of the wand with a tissue before applying to avoid clumps.

4. Don't believe in miracles. Well, at least when it comes to mascara. They are probably not going to enhance your eye color or make your lashes grow longer. Trust me. They don't work.

5. I can't believe I'm giving this secret away. Take an old mascara wand and wash it with warm water and dish soap ( I use Dawn). Let it air dry or wipe with a lint free cloth. Now you can use it to really separate your lashes and it helps get some of the mascara off of your lids if you drink too much coffee like I do.

My top three (out of like, 10) are:

3. The second runner up is Lancome
Definicils High Definition.

Why I like it:
covers tiny lashes
great lash definition
washes off easily with soap and water
Cost: $20-$25

2. The first runner up is Loreal Voluminous.

Why I like it:
big brush
no clumps
affordable ($7 at drugstores)


BADgal lash mascara
Why I like it:
it's awesome
lengthens like no other mascara
GREAT for contact lens wearers
Cost: $19

I do realize that only one of these is a drugstore brand, but ladies: there are some things that are worth paying a little extra for.

Like cheese.

And toilet paper.

I'm actually using BADgal right now, and people seem to notice my eyes "pop" when I put a tiny coat on my lower lashes. I love it!!

Giveaway Time!!!!!!

Do you have a favorite mascara? Tell me about it in the comments section and you will be entered to win a full-size tube of BADgal. Comments will be closed Monday night 11:59 and I'll announce the winner Tuesday.

I'm pretty sure if you're related to me, you can't be included in the drawing, but feel free to comment away!!!

Top Photo courtesy of giddyspinster.



    Also, I WANT!

    Seriously, this is excellent advice. I trust your make-up recommendations over anyone else's. I have been loving the lights, camera, lashes! you had me get. It's good stuff, too.

  2. Awesome blog, Emily!! Can't wait for more! I wish I had known about old blush before I purged my antique makeup collection...

    Searched, found, ordered BADgal mascara. I want eyes that POP like yours :) Have Lancome and love.

    Aunt B

  3. When in doubt, I go back to Maybelline's Great Lash. But I am kindof a sucker for makeup. Love eye liner especially. And now that I am a mom, I don't have the time (or the inclination, really) for lots of makeup, so "dressing up" for me is liner, mascara and lipstick.

  4. I didn't realize you had a blog. I just ran out of my Almay mascara. Where do you find the badgal brand?

  5. Voluminous Million Lashes is my current mascara. I just love mascara, but am looking for any make up with less harmful ingredients but haven't made time to research less.

  6. I am currently in search of my new favorite mascara. My old standby is an ancient version of something by Loreal. I can't tell you what it is because the lettering has long been worn off, and the shape of the tube doesn't match anything in their current line-up. Which tells you 2 things about me: 1) I have no life. I don't get out much with 7 kids. And 2) I really need to update my entire make-up collection. *hangs head in shame*

    Thanks to Megan@SortaCrunchy for pointing me your way! :)

  7. this is great!!! - found by way of megan. i always go to maybelline great lash - always have gone for the pink tube - it's about the only thing that has stayed consistent out there!

  8. hmmmm. i have a tube of voluminous right now that i am not so into . . . i think i shall try your advice of swiping the wand with a tissue because right now i seem to get gobs of mascara all over my lashes. not a good look. so i guess my old standby is good ol' hot pink and green maybelline. but i would love to try the BADgal. also got here through sortacrunchy!

  9. Oh, mascara is the toughest thing for me to navigate! My SIL buys me Blinc Kiss Me mascara every Christmas, but it's too expensive for me to buy often. I'm looking forward to trying the L'Oreal that you recommended. (Also here via Megan!) :)

  10. I hardly wear mascara and the stuff I have is way older than I should keep around. Whenever I wear mascara, it seems clumpy and irritates my eyes. Reading your tips, I am thinking that some of that is caused by not waiting long enough between application. Not long ago, I bought some cover girl because I knew what I had was gross. It isn't that bad and I feel a bit more awake when I wear it.

  11. What is the stuff in the green and pink tube? I use that. But I am severely make up challenged. But I have 4 boys and am turning 30 next month, so I feel like it's time to turn up the femininity! :)

  12. I came here via Megan @SortaCrunchy and I'm so glad I did! I just switched to L'Oreal Voluminous after years of using Clinique and Dior DiorShow because I wanted a cheaper option for my contact-wearing eyes. I've really enjoyed the switch. I've never heard of BadGirl but I'm totally intrigued since you said it's great for contact wearers. Any other eye make-up recommendations for contact wearers?

  13. I've been using Avon for a while now, but Great Lash is my other choice. Mostly because of cost and they do okay. Not great reasons, but since powder and mascara are my usual go-to makeup, I should probably have a more exact criteria. Not sure how to do the whole makeup thing. Looking forward to reading your blog!

  14. I tend to jump around with mascaras. I have really curly lashes and it's hard for me to find a good one that doesn't end up all over my eyelids halfway through the day!

  15. great info Blog.. I'm gonna have Kaylee and all her high school girlfriends read this for advice and compare to their mascara rituals..

    Debbie S.

  16. I usually just use that cheap covergirl mascara in pink and green tube. I'm not really amazingly impressed with it, but hey, it's cheap!

  17. I used to love Neutrogena's lash stain, but I don't think they make it anymore. It was not clumpy and didn't fake or smudge, even with my watery, allergy eyes.

  18. Blech. I have a love/hate relationship with mascara. I have yet to find one that does not misbehave in some fashion. So far, I like physician's formula because it is gentle enough for my contact-wearing days. :) Thanks for the great blog. I am looking forward to new posts!!!!

  19. Dior's diorshow. It works but I'm not in love.