April 5, 2011

My new pretend boyfriend...

Disclaimer: The following post has nothing to do with beauty. Well, actually it has some beauty in it. That is, if you think this guy is beautiful.

How can you not love this face?

Seriously, ladies. Weak in the knees.

I bet he uses Kiehl's moisturizer. All of those celebrities love that stuff.

This pose was for me. I told him I'm not ready to go public yet.

Obsessed? Me? Ummmm....yeah. His songs. His moves. His beautiful skin. All of it.
If you live in Dallas and see some crazy girl on HWY 635 singing along in her car to some Usher song from 2003, it's probably me.

Do YOU know Usher's real name? No googling!

Carry on.

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